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Wychwood Oracle

The Original Wychwood Oracle Deck - Tarot Size Cards

The Original Wychwood Oracle Deck - Tarot Size Cards

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Our original Wychwood oracle cards, a deck based on ancient symbolism, were designed by fortune tellers, for fortune tellers. Featuring 32 reversible cards with gorgeous black and white archetypal images, these cards have a vintage mystical feel that are perfect for home or professional readings.

With excellent aesthetics and rich meanings, they are perfectly shuffle-able and easy to use and read. They are versatile too, and can be used in multi-card spreads as well as for one-card daily guidance or question readings.

The backs of our cards feature a weathered mystical design that is completely reversible and we also include an additional 6 guide cards with suggested meanings and tips on using your cards.

The cards are standard tarot size at 2.75" x 4.75" (70mm x 121mm). The deck comes presented in a starry pouch.




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